Privacy Statement

MuSystems takes Internet privacy very seriously! Not only here, on our web site, but across the entire net. Unfortunately, we don't have any control anywhere except here.

Executive Summary:

We don't keep (or ask for) any personal information about you!
We don't give away (or sell) any information about you. (How could we - we don't ask you anything!)


Personal information
Nowhere on this web site will you be asked for any information about yourself.
This includes your name, address, e-mail address, etc. Nowhere!
There are no forms to fill out. If you want information from us, send us e-mail, or call us on the phone.

How can we do this? Simple - this is not an e-commerce site. We don't need to get information from you here, if we do business together, we'll get get the information we need from you directly. Person to person.

Aggregate information
When you visit our web site, we log information about your visit. There is absolutely no personal information about you in this log.
Here is the information we log:

  • Time and date of the visit
  • The type of browser you use
  • Which page on our web site that you viewed
  • The page that linked you to this site. If you typed in the address yourself, nothing is logged in this field.
  • Your TCP/IP address
That's it!

Why we log the aggregate information
We log this information only so that we can try and improve our web site. If we see that one page is getting many visits, but another is getting very few, we try and figure out why.
We might remove pages that are seldomly visited, and improve the popular ones.

Our promise to you
We will never disclose anything about you, or your visit to anyone!

If you become a customer of MuSystems, the information you provide us via phone calls, personal visits, or e-mail will never be shared with anyone!

It's that simple. No kidding.